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Melbourne's leading musculoskeletal imaging specialists providing innovative and effective treatments for patients

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Compassionate care for your patients

We listen with respect, inform with empathy and involve patients in their care.

Diagnostic Imaging Specialists

A centre of excellence in musculoskeletal imaging & innovative treatments for the sporting and wider community.

Our Clinic

Centrally located at AAMI Park, Melbourne.

Patient Care

Our patients and their healthcare are our priority.

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Imaging @ Olympic Park is Australia's first Imaging and Treatment Day Procedure Centre.

Our patients and their healthcare are our priority, and the services we provide ensure patients can easily access these services. We offer a full range of imaging services and a range of innovative cutting-edge treatments for Musculoskeletal conditions.

Our location

Centering patient well-being in our services

Your partner in musculoskeletal imaging

At Imaging@Olympic Park we offer specialist medical imaging services to our referring doctors and patients.

Seamless and stress-free

Our commitment is to our patients and their healthcare, and our services guarantee convenient access to the necessary medical imaging.

Care and compassion

Placing our patients and their well-being at the forefront, our priority is to ensure easy access to the essential medical imaging services we offer.

Cutting-edge technology

Imaging@Olympic Park invests in state-of-the-art technology, providing more accurate results in shorter timeframes.

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Situated in Melbourne’s AAMI Park, Imaging @ Olympic Park offers access for the sporting and wider community to the best imaging specialists, equipment and treatment.

We provide comprehensive imaging services across a range of modalities including 3T MRI, CT, Ultrasound and Digital Radiography.

Our Location

Your procedure

Imaging @ Olympic Park provide our referring doctors and their patients with access to specialist medical imaging procedures.


Fees and billing

Generally, we bulk bill to Medicare, however please consult our team prior to your procedure.

Fees & Billing

Patient Updates

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Brendan Fevola has MRI at Capital Radiology

Brendan Fevola visited our Capital Radiology Camberwell Clinic in Melbourne to have a brain MRI, following recent media around the long-term outcomes for athletes who have experienced concussion during their professional careers.

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What is a CT Scan and why are they important?

A Computed Tomography (CT) is an imaging procedure that uses X-rays to create detailed pictures or images.

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Preparing for an Ultrasound

Ultrasounds are one of the most common medical imaging scans performed across our clinic community.