Euflexxa Injection

Euflexxa is an elastic and viscous substance made from hyaluronan which is found in normal joint fluid.

Why Inject Euflexxa?
Euflexxa is used to treat pain in patients with osteoarthritis, usually of the shoulder, hip, knee or ankle joint, who have failed to respond adequately to more conservative treatments.


What are the likely benefits of Euflexxa?
Clinical trial results have shown that Euflexxa injections relieve pain and may delay the need for surgery in some patients. The injection can take several weeks to work.

Euflexxa is injected directly into the joint in a series of three injections over 4 weeks to restore the cushioning and lubricating properties of normal joint fluid.

Are there any risks or side effects
There are risks and side effects associated with any treatment. In general the risk is low, but includes:

Mild to moderate pain

  • Swelling
  • Redness, warmth and bruising at the injection site
  • Joint stiffness
  • Headache

Most of these symptoms are transient, should you experience fever, localised heat, swelling or increasing pain at the injection site more than 48 hours after the injection, you should consult your doctor without delay.

What to expect afterwards

  1. When the anaesthetic wears off you may have mild discomfort at the injection site. Paracetamol and or ice may provide some comfort if required.
  2. You may experience pain for 48 hours.
  3. You should not participate in strenuous activity or exercise for 48 hours to one week depending on your treating doctor’s instructions. They will also advise you on how best to resume pre-treatment activity levels.
  4. If you are concerned that you are having problems from your injection, please ring Imaging @ Olympic Park or your Referring Doctor.