Planmed Verity

Planmed Veirty Foot


From Tuesday 16th April, Imaging @ Olympic Park will be trialling the new Planmed Verity Extremity CT Scanner for a number of weeks.  The Planmed Verity utilises CBCT (Cone Beam Computed Tomography) technology to provide high resolution volumetric (3D) images of the extremities at a particularly low dose. One of the most intriguing new applications of the extremity CT scanner is its weight- bearing option.

  • The Planmed scanner has a weight-bearing option in which the patient stands inside the gantry during imaging acquisition. Weight-bearing imaging of the foot/ankle or knee shows the anatomy under natural load.


  • Adaptable gantry with soft surface. Very often patients have limited mobility and cannot easily be positioned on the examination table, this is not a problem with the Planmed Verity as it has an adjustable height and tilt gantry.


  • The Tear Drop shaped bore offers excellent targeting visibility and access, and less anxiety and claustrophobia for the patient


  • The bone healing process can be visualised in a novel way without removing the cast.